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Jonathan Ditren, born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Came to the United States about two years ago, and lived in Tampa, FL. Recently moved to Orlando, FL due to business.

As an Energy Specialist. The goal is to guide customers over the process of going solar and answer questions that they may have.

Professional Experience

2016 - Present

Energy Specialist

Renewable energy is a mayor subject nowadays. Once the opportunity to be part of SolarCity/Tesla Energy presented, I did not thought about it twice.

2015 - Present

Forex Trader

Investing is something that gets my attention almost all the time. By learning how to trade the financial markets, you can invest your money almost 24/7.

2015 - Present

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing, one of the key success behind of any profitable business. Same like Web Developing, I only use this skill for myself and my business at the time.

This two skills go by the hand. If you want to make a great website is good for you to learn as much as you can. Learning this gave me the ability to create this and many other sites.

Interesting Facts


Instagram Followers

Posting motivational quotes and engaging very often on Instagram is what help me increase followers.


Happy Clients

More or less around that number over all my professions You could be the next. Feel free to reach out.


Cups of Coffee

Maybe if I count like 18 years ago. Yes, I started with coffee little earlier than normal.


Facebook Followers

I thought it was nice to have one. Not famous like Elon Musk, but I will get there one day.

Solar Energy in The State of Florida

Ever since Amendment 1 failed this past November, Solar Power is becoming increasingly popular in Florida. Many homeowners have questions about Solar Energy and what it means for their homes.

Right now it’s difficult for people to get their questions answered without feeling like they are being sold.

SolarCity gives you the opportunity as a homeowner to have a consultation with no obligation at no cost. The goal is to inform you about how you can produce your own energy, along with all the benefits that this can provide for you and your home.

By having a nonprofit organizations, this can participate in the SunRaising program. SolarCity will give to the organization $200 for every supporter who goes solar, plus the referrals get their first month on us. As an example, a school raised $5,000 in 1 day.

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  • E-Mail jditren@solarcity.com
  • Phone 813-464-4069
  • Address Orlando, FL area

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